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Hi.  I’m a father of four fabulous kids and teacher of teenagers and primary school children.  I’ve escaped from full time school to also work for an educational charity and write world famous (nearly) novels and design scintillating strategy games.

I’ve trained (badly) in various martial arts over the years but now I focus on the less painful pastimes of racquet sports and writing.

I started writing at about twelve, inspired by a fantasy series by Stephen Donaldson.  In November 2007, I had 500 copies of my Y/A supernatural action novel JASON WILLOW printed the old fashioned way.  Luckily, only half a dozen copies are still boxed up in my garage.  I leapt onto the P.O.D. bandwagon as it took off and have released the entire trilogy of Jason Willow novels as both paperback and ebook.

I’m now working on BATTLE – an Anglo-Saxon fantasy series, filled with action, complex relationships and stunning locations.  The books will tie into a revolutionary new card game I’m designing – you’ll be able to recreate the skirmishes and battles in the stories using a wide range of beautifully illustrated cards as well as set up your own conflicts.

You can discover more about all of my books and games and catch up with the latest developments on FaceBook.

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