Jason Willow 1: Face Your Demons

Martial artist Jason Willow and his family have been on the run from inhuman assassins all his life but no one will tell him why.

As the attacks escalate, they are forced to accept the protection of a sinister figure from the past and the truth is revealed – demons are secretly subjugating humanity and Jason’s father used to be a champion in the hidden war against them.  As this terrifying new world opens up all around him, Jason is tempted into the treacherous, deadly life his father swore to leave behind.

In an isolated school controlled by vicious gangs, Jason begins to unlock his own supernatural gifts.  But who should he trust as the ripples of his growing abilities draw in the darkness that has stalked him since birth?

Through a storm of new-found power, first love and betrayal, it is time for Jason to learn what it really means to “Face Your Demons”.

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Jason Willow 2: My Enemy’s Enemy

Supernatural powers and martial arts action are fused with love and betrayal in this second epic instalment of the war against demonic control.

Jason has been thrust into the secret, terrifying world of demons and their paranormal slaves, only escaping with his life because others gave theirs. Now, with his powers quickening towards their immense potential but little chance to master them, he is drawn even deeper into the pitiless conflict his father swore to leave behind.

Jason and his surviving family and friends are forced to journey into the very heart of darkness – Transylvania. Jason must battle through such stunning locations as the dark streets of Budapest, a forest teeming with possessed wolves and a crumbling, cliff-top monastery. He will need to access far more of his fantastic abilities if he is to survive against super-powerful Touched, near invisible glimmermen and Lilith, Queen of demons.

But nothing is as simple as good and evil in Jason’s world.  Deadly enemies can help him, his father’s old legion of demon hunters are corrupt allies and all the while he is emotionally torn by an ever intensifying love triangle.

For Jason, only one thing is certain – he needs to fight.  But who is the real enemy?

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Jason Willow 3: Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem.  Seize the day – relish every hour for you might not see tomorrow.  These are words to live by when you hunt demons.

Jason Willow has finally learned to control most of his paranormal Gift but he is in more danger than ever.  Desperate to save an equally powerful child from demonic possession, Jason is thrust into a running battle across Europe.

With loved ones again sacrificing themselves to save him, Jason fights his way through such stunning locations as a storm-whipped lighthouse, an ancient Venetian enclave and a sprawling Goth festival seething with hidden violence.

But staying alive in this world is just the beginning.  Final salvation lies beyond anything Jason has ever faced before as he journeys into the deadly layers of the demon Abyss.


Brand new characters join the frantic mix of teenage love, supernatural powers and martial arts action in this final epic instalment of the secret war against the demonic domination of mankind.

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