Jason Willow

Jason is fifteen, tall, blond haired, blue eyed and tightly muscled from years of his father’s martial arts training.  He comes across as fairly quiet but has a sharp sense of humour when with people he is comfortable with.  As he has been forced to start a completely new life four times already, Jason is wary about making friends and feels he is useless with ‘girls’.  He has a good relationship with his sister (sometimes!) and his father apart from one thing – his father’s refusal to reveal his past and the reason they have been running from ruthless killers all their lives.

Miranda Willow

Miranda is seventeen and gorgeous in every way.  She comes across as a bit of a ‘Barbie’ but only because she wants to.  Underneath, she is smart, a good martial artist and terrified of trying to forge any deep relationships.

Richard Willow 

Jason’s father is a calm, softly spoken man with a slow smile that lights up his face when it finally appears.  Very few people see the layer of steel just below the surface until it is too late.  Richard has been teaching Jason and Miranda a powerful martial arts system since they could walk, though to look at him, nobody would guess the extent of his abilities.  Twenty years ago he left a life that he will not talk about but that life refuses to let him go.  He has been on the run with his family all Jason’s life.

Grandfather – Peter Darillian

Peter Darillian is belligerent, fit and strong and is still angry at his son for quitting the dangerous work they both used to carry out.  He is determined that Jason, who will come into more power than either himself or Richard, will take up where his father left off.


Marakoff is an old and trusted colleague of Richard Willow’s from the ‘old days’.  He turns up at the Willow’s new home totally unexpected.  He has been forced to ‘retire’ due to a leg injury but is still more than capable of helping out.

Alan Brash

Alan Brash just oozes charm and power.  He is another ruthless contemporary of Richard Willow’s from ‘the old days’.  No one knows why he was forced to retire early but he has spent the last fifteen years building a massive, brewery empire and helping people like Richard Willow hide from the dangers of their past.

Alicia Sirensong

Alicia is Alan Brash’s beautiful and intelligent right-hand woman.  She has many hidden skills and one way or another, Alicia makes sure whatever her boss wants, happens.  Her ridiculous surname is an example of Brash’s fixation on control – he renames his top people to emphasise their total allegiance to him.


Cadaveril is Alan Brash’s chauffeur and bodyguard.  He is as unnerving as it gets but most of the time you don’t even know he is there. Cadaveril is another member of the Brash empire with hidden talents.  He is not the sort of person you want following you on a dark night!

Louisa Rusoff

A sixth former living in the tiny hamlet Jason moves in to, Louisa is a stunning tease with a troubled past.  She knows far more about the world Jason’s dad left behind than Jason does.  Louisa quickly becomes an addictive mystery to Jason in more ways than one.


A tough and bitter orphan living with the Rusoffs. Mouse is short but packed with muscle and attitude.  He has developed a caustic sense of humour which hides many things, not least his hopeless love of Louisa.

Ilena Rusoff

Louisa’s beautiful mother, Ilena is outwardly cool and reserved.  It quickly becomes apparent there is some link between her and Richard Willow’s secret past.

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